Panel on Women in Science Fiction and Horror Film at Geek Girl Con

I’m pleased to share with you that I had the chance to curate a panel for Geek Girl Con on the topic of Women in Horror and Science Fiction Film. I joined filmmakers Abie Ekenezar, Sarah MacAaron, Lorraine Montez and Lindy Boustedt. We were so thankful for the insightful questions and thought-provoking conversation!

Left to Right: Abie Ekenezar, Sarah MacAaron, Lorraine Montez, myself and Lindy Boustedt.

Here’s the gist:

Filmmaking in the Pacific Northwest is a growing scene, with recent efforts to extend tax incentives through the state legislature and increased efforts to create network of media makers, it’s hard to spit and not hit someone who makes movies.

But what does this mean for women and non-binary gender people interested in breaking into indie filmmaking, especially science fiction or horror? Sci-fi and Horror filmmakers who are women are doubly marginalized by their lack of representation in the industry as well as these genres being derided as “b-horror”, “cheesy sci-fi”, or ignored because of the perception of these films being unprofitable.

This panel will focus on introducing local producers/directors involved in these genres, showing short examples of their work, and having a Q&A on getting started, the entrepreneurial side of filmmaking, and why our stories are important for us to tell.


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