Produced by the Wang Center for Global Education, Directed by Andrea Capere and Princess Reese

Namibia Nine highlights how the power of collaboration across borders can be an effective tool to fight oppression. It is also about the role that access to education plays in creating a more just world.

Produced by JuliAnne Rose and Heather Perry, Edited by Andrea Capere

Since the tragic events of September 11, anti-Muslim sentiment has become increasingly prevalent in America. This phenomenon, referred to by many as “Islamophobia,” has lead to a significant fear of a largely misunderstood world religion.

Written by K.L. Young, Directed by Andrea Capere

A short philosophical discourse on life, relationships and ‘not sweating the small stuff’.

  • Official Selection; Tacoma Film Festival (2013)
  • Official Selection; Pollygrind Film Festival (2014)
  • Best Short Short; Pollygrind Film Festival (2014)

Directed by Eric Morgret, Adapted for screen by K.L. Young, Art Direction by Andrea Capere

  • Official Selection; The H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival Los Angeles (2012)
  • Official Selection; Stockholm H.P. Lovecraft Festival (2012)
  • Official Selection; Zompire/HPLFF PDX (2012)
  • Official Selection; LosCon 39 (2012)
  • Official Selection; RadCon 6A (2013)
  • Official Selection; H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival PDX (2013)
  • Official Selection; LonestarCon3 Film Festival (2013)
  • Official Selection; Tri-Cities International Film Festival (2013)